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Comfort Comfort!!

Be prepared to have the best sleeping experience of your life. The AERIAL provides a level of comfort you can only dream about.   

Sleep the way you want!

This off ground sleeping platform is free of pressure points allowing you to sleep in any position back, side or even front.

Ultimate Versatility

The AERIAL A1 is the most versatile tent ever. Not only is this tent capable of being set up over rocks, roots and even rivers but it can also simply be set up on the ground like any other tent, when no trees are available.


The main feature that allows the AERIAL to achieve its exceptional comfort and stability is our unique, slackline inspired, suspension system. By wrapping high tensile webbing straps around the tree and pulling them back from both sides of the trunk the AERIAL is able to achieve a four point connection system. Using this four point system, along with tension and two spreader bars we are able to create a sturdy, flat platform that feels most similar to a high quality cot.

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Good Campsite, Anywhere

The AERIAL A1 can be put in many different situations where an average tent simply couldnt stay


I can honestly say the Aerial A1 is the most comfortable camping set up I have had!! I will always bring it canoe camping from here on out.

I love this thing! The most innovative design in the industry in a long time! The best of both worlds. A free standing tent and a hammock all in one.

Best hybrid tent I have ever tried. Super on the ground, superb in the air. Blown away in choice of material, build quality and function.

Love it! People always stop to check it out and ask questions. My dad is soooo jealous

Best tent I’ve ever slept in. Well thought out and made from high quality parts. Highly recommended.

I absolutely love it! It’s honestly one of the most comfortable sleeps I’ve ever had outdoors!!

It's truly revolutionary! I love not sleeping on the leaves and roots in the ground and I also love not feeling bent like I usually do in a hammock. Best of both worlds which results in a superior experience!

“The AREAL A1 is by far the most comfortable sleep I have ever had while on camp. It has all the comfort of a hammock without your feet being above your head. The construction is exceptional and its design is incredibly well thought out. The A1 is a quality product that has been built to last. I cannot recommend this product enough.”