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Update 9 - Developments

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Progress on the tents have been steady. Here are a few notable developments:

Webbing straps. We have made a slight spec change to the webbing. The webbing material, minimum breaking strength are still the same (Polyester, MBS - 14kN), what we have changed is the weave pattern. We have done this for two reasons, firstly the new weave is finer which allows it to be thinner (1.31mm thick vs 1.90mm) making it easier to slide through the Rollercam and nicer for packing, it is also fractionally lighter and it is surprisingly soft. The second reason is it is Canadian made, and we like supporting local. This new webbing is weaved just outside Montreal QB, which is not too far away allowing us to keep a close eye on production!

Underquilt. We have made some modifications to the underquilt at the request of some of our backers. Our original designs had sewn corners which made for a nice tight fit under the tent body but it had its drawbacks. The main one being that you needed to put the underquilt onto the tent before you connected the tent to the tree. With the new design you are able to add, remove or adjust the underquilt independently from the tent suspension system. This increased convenience will now allow you to easily air it out during the day if needed or use the quilt as a blanket around a fire or make it into a top quilt in your tent. We are still tailoring the pattern for this as it is fitting a bit loose, please see where we are.

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Please keep your eye out for the survey next week,

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You can even kinda make it into a poncho :)

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