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Update 16 - UQ's

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Dear Supporters,

We honestly tried to not make delays the story of this project but these last few months have been very difficult and we are as impatient as you are. The snow is melting out the shop window and we know the camping season is basically here!

The underquilts are still at large. We have had little to no information on their actual whereabouts, this was the final week of the given delivery window. Our requests for specific information from the freight company has been “product is on route”, they fail to provide where and when. Many of you have requested that we split the orders, sending the tent out first and underquilt later, unfortunately this is not feasible. As it is, we significantly under estimated the shipping costs and went way over on production costs.

On top of all that, we originally factored in expedited Canada Post via USPS shipping rates for our US customers. Out of the 141 US orders we have filled so far, 47 packages have yet to arrive at their destination. We are going on 30 days for a, 5-11day “guaranteed” parcel (and because of COVID they are not processing any guarantee claims!). We have created service tickets for the missing orders and will try and keep people updated on a case by case situation. Needless to say, we will no longer be shipping with Canada Post / USPS until we have confirmation that delivery times are back to normal and have since been using DHL.

With the delays we have been getting everything prepped for a speedy fulfilment once the underquilts land. All tents have been opened and then packed with final components and inspected, boxes are built and tape guns are loaded. We were also able to put together a video for the underquilt to help show you how to set it up.

We trust that this will be the last bad news update and the next updates being “tents shipping” and “tents shipped”

A sincere thank you for your continued patience with us!


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