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It's a Tent, it’s a Hammock, it's an “Aerial”
This product captures all the features you find in a traditional tent along with the off ground benefits you get from a hammock.

The AERIAL is a lightweight portable shelter with a stable, horizontal sleeping surface that can be suspended between two trees. This solo camping system is extremely comfortable, versatile and simple to set up. AERIAL A1 is the first of its kind, an intuitive design made for real campers.

Whats inside the bag?

Tent Body

Fly Sheet

DAC® Tent Poles

Webbing, 8m & 6m 

Rollercam® Buckle x2

Slot Buckles x2

Guylines x2

Y-Stakes x2 

Shepherd Hook Stakes x2


Trail Weight Suspended - 2.45kg / 5Lbs 6oz

Trail Weight Ground - 1.86kg / 4Lbs 1oz

Full Packed Weight - 2.70kg / 5Lbs 15oz

Packaged Size - 67cm x 13cm / 28” x 5”

Floor Dimensions - 203cm x 69cm / 80” x 27”

Peak Height - 90cm / 35”Fly - 40D Nylon, PU 1500

Mesh - 15D No-See-Um

Floor - 210D Ripstop Nylon, PU 4000

Zippers - YKK

Poles - 7000 Series Aluminum

Spreader Bar - 7000 Series Aluminum

Webbing - PES (Polyester) MBS - 14kN / 3200Lbs

Suspended Capacity 200kg / 440Lbs

Exceptional Comfort and Stability

The main feature that allows the AERIAL to achieve its exceptional comfort and stability is our unique, slackline inspired, suspension system. By wrapping high tensile webbing straps around the tree and pulling them back from both sides of the trunk the AERIAL is able to achieve a four point connection system. Using this four point system, along with tension and two spreader bars we are able to create a sturdy, flat platform that feels most similar to a high quality cot. The webbing also provides spring like a mattress that helps absorb movement without being tippy.

Comfort past sleeping

Everything becomes more comfortable with the AERIAL. Even simple tasks like making your bed or packing your gear can now all be done at a pleasant working height. No more crawling around and backing out of a low cramped tent. The convenience of everything being up and off the ground is an underrated convenience that will save your back and knees and provide you a simple satisfaction you wouldn’t expect.  

Built for one, strong enough for two.

The AERIAL is an awesome place to hang out and unwind. No need for a chair, the stable platform works like a floating bench. The doors open wide, giving more than enough room for two people to chill out together.

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