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Why is it so stable?

Basically this setup is like a suspension bridge between two trees. The AERIAL’s stability is gained by connecting to either side of the trees as opposed to a single point like you would find in a standard hammock. The AERIAL's setup makes two trees into a four-point connection system, once tension is applied the AERIAL becomes steady, even on smaller trees as narrow as 7” in diameter.

Can the tent flip over?

“No and Yes”, When set up correctly the AERIAL platform will not roll over. It does not have set rotation points like you would find in a standard hammock. That being said the tent is able to rock side to side and it is possible to roll off the surface, it is essential to level the tent and apply sufficient tension before sleeping in tent. Tree selections is also important, choose straight, healthy trees with a minimum diameter of 7".

Obsidian Grey Fly

Blaze Orange Fly