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European VAT

The below VAT percentages are for reference only and are based on estimates.
Any VAT charges will need to be settled by the receiver in order for customs to release the shipment and have it delivered.
Our shipping company (DHL) will reach out to you by Phone, Text or Email if duties are required. 
Austria 20.00%
Belgium 21.00%
Czech Republic 21.00%
Denmark 25.00%
Finland 24.00%
France 20.00%
Germany 19.00%
Hungary 27.00%
Ireland 23.00%
Italy 22.00%
Luxembourg 17.00%
Netherlands 21.00%
Norway 25.00%
Poland 23.00%
Spain 21.00%
Sweden 25.00%
Switzerland 7.70%
United Kingdom 20.00%