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Weight and Dimensions

Trail Weight Suspended - 2.45kg / 5Lbs 6oz

Trail Weight Ground - 1.86kg / 4Lbs 1oz

Full Packed Weight - 2.70kg / 5Lbs 15oz

Packaged Size - 67cm x 13cm / 28” x 5”

Floor Dimensions - 203cm x 69cm / 80” x 27”

Peak Height - 90cm / 35”Fly - 40D Nylon, PU 1500

Suspended Capacity 200kg / 440Lbs

Premium Hardware

Rollercam® - This is not your standard cam buckle. Using a brass roller this cam eliminates friction allowing for much higher force to be applied.   

AustriAlpine®- These Austrian made buckles have a minimum break strength of 15kn / 3370lbs and are made from ultra lightweight alloy.  

3x Internal Pockets

Inside the tent there are three well placed pockets to hold all your essentials. Two medium size pockets on either end and one "SKY" pocket that is the perfect place for putting your head lamp to light up your tent at night.    

Removable Fly

This premium 40 denier nylon fly is lightweight, durable and has a 1500mm hydrostatic head waterproof rating. It is completely separated from the internal mesh body which allows for great airflow and prevents condensation build up. 

Compatible with Sleeping Pad

It is not by coincidence that a large Therm-a-Rest® fits perfectly into the bottom of the AERIAL A1. Though the elevated sleeping surface is very comfortable on its own, a sleeping pad will improve warmth from below. This can be used as an alternative to the underquilt or can be pared with underquilt to provide maximum warmth for winter camping. 

Why is it so stable?

Basically this setup is like a suspension bridge between two trees.The AERIAL’s stability is gained by connecting to either side of the trees as opposed to a single point like you would find in a standard hammock. The AERIAL's connection makes two trees into a four-point connection setup, once one applies tension the AERIAL becomes steady and unflippable even while using trees as small as 5” in diameter. The AERIAL has no set rotation points like you would see in a standard hammock and this creates a stable platform. 


Setup Video

The AERIAL A1 is simple to set up and goes together in about 6 minutes 


Stability Demo

Product demo showing the unique stability of the AERIAL A1 compared to a standard hammock.

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