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Bump in the Road but Back on Track!

Posted by Jacob Campbell on


The tents are now expected to be shipped out to everyone within April.

Unfortunately, this delay was due to Canadian Border Services (CBSA) putting the shipment under exam hold for two days shy of an entire month!

As we mentioned in our last update we were expecting the tents to arrive on the 22nd of March with the shipment landing in Canada on the 27th. We were informed that the shipment was selected for an exam by the CBSA and told that the shipment would then be arriving in Toronto on the 24th of march due to the delay. Unfortunately, this expectation was very disappointed as the shipment was held by the CBSA for two days shy of an entire month being released on Friday the 25th of March. Unfortunately, this has led our shipment to also be delayed by a month with the shipment now being on the train to Toronto for review by customs and then be locally delivered where we are ready and waiting to ship all of these tents out immediately. We unfortunately were not given any information on the exam hold and the tracking until late last week and we wanted to make sure to update you when we were certain the tents were on a train, which they now have been since the 30th when the train departed Vancouver.

We very much understand all the frustrations with these delays and we very much share in them. We are a very small team and are doing everything we can to get these tents to you as fast as possible and get back to as many of you as possible. There is a lot of work required in the background but we are happy that things now seem to be finally going well and really appreciate everyone's patience with us and the delays. 

Last year's shipping took around 6 weeks, this year it is looking like it will take around 15. We, unfortunately, could not have expected what would happen on this long shipping journey and apologize for being too hopeful in our expectations. 

On some good news, our underquilts and boxes have all arrived weeks ago and we are ready and waiting to ship out the underquilts with all your tents when they come in! 

Kind regards, 


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