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Shipment is Drawing Near

Posted by Jacob Campbell on

As promised we are trying to keep you more frequently updated on the coming shipment. 

When the shipment first left the factory on the 6th of January we were told to expect delivery of the tents Today 27th of this month. This unfortunately is not the case as the tents are now expected to arrive in Toronto on the 22nd of March. We can’t apologize enough as this is not what was expected and not what we were told. 

We only just received news of the delay recently and until now we for every reason expecting the shipment to arrive within Febuary. The delays are due to complications getting in and out of port both in Vietnam and when they landed recently in Vancouver. From there, as we said in the last update, the shipment will be then put on a train to Toronto, where they will clear customs and then be locally delivered to our facility. This expectation of timeline is a fair amount more confident as we are a lot later in the game as well as the ship has now arrived. We now believe it is very much possible to get everyone their tents within march if there are no new delays from what we currently expect. 

We sincerely apologize for the delays, it seems this year is doing everything it can to make this process hard every step of the way. We really appreciate everyone's patience and support through this and we really cant wait to get you your tents. Once we have them we are totally ready to go on our end!

We will make sure to keep you updated as soon as we hear any news. 

Kind regards, 



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