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Update 11 - Here's the line on Timeline and Guyline!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Hello Backers,

Wanted to send out an update to let everyone know we are still here, working very hard on your tents. The majority of the crucial components and materials are finished and have arrived at our facilities for assembly.  The exceptions being the modified spreader bar and DAC tent poles which we haven't been able to get 100% confirmation on delivery, but we trust they will arrive soon. The final sewing production steps will happen throughout October with final assembly and packaging happening early November. Unfortunately our September goal was significantly underestimated with the current delivery set to start mid November. Production has been moving along steadily without any major setbacks, obviously we are pushing as hard as we can to keep things moving forward and wish we had more ability to speed things up. We thank you for your continued patience, motivation and anticipation regarding your tents.

Our latest product development surrounds the guylines. We were noticing the guylines losing some tension when we were in the tent. The weight of the occupant getting into the tent pushes tent and fly down around 9” depending on tension and tree spacing. This drop loosens the guy lines which lets the fly flap around more than we liked in the wind. To combat this we have added an auto tensioning bungie. You still guy the tent out the same way as you normally would with a solid braided nylon guyline directly to a peg, the opposite end of the guyline is then connected to a bungie that returns to a second guy point on the fly. The bungie automatically takes up any extra slack in the lines. The guylines can be put on and removed from the fly very easily to change guyout points or to remove for ground setup or for packing away. 

 Talking about guy lines! They are currently being spun at a local shop less than 20min away from the OPEONGO HQ in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. We were able to stop by yesterday and check it out. This beautiful hollow nylon braid is soft, flexible and features a stripe of Retro Glow® reflection so you can see it at night. Quality has always been top priority for this product and these premium guylines are one example of our attention to detail. 

Sincerely, Andrew & Jacob

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