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Update 12 - The Silver Lining!!!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

November November November, is here. As per our timeline we are somewhat stalled between October and November.

Where we are now and what still needs to be done?

The tent bodies are complete, all sewing is finished. The spreader bars have finally arrived at our facility in Vietnam for assembly into the tents, shipping took much longer than we anticipated and we are worried that this might not be the end of our shipping woes. Spreader bars will be married to tents by the end of this week and then we will arrange final shipping to our Canadian facility (Air freight is being quoted as our experiences with sea shipping have been chaotic, Covid being blamed).

Prior to packaging and shipping to you, we will review each tent and add the Webbing, Pegs, Guylines into each kit to finalize assembly and ensure quality.

For the most part everything regarding the tents have been moving along well, slower than we would have liked but consistently progressing in a positive direction. We received the first two tents off the assembly line early October and they are BEAUTIFUL! We were able to take them for a four day trip through Algonquin park and they out performed our expectations.

There is unfortunately some concern/delays regarding the underquilts. Once all final materials were milled we requested the pre production sample made with the final fabric at which time we asked for a small tweak (50mm/2”) shorter in length. When the sample arrived it was off by over 300mm/12” in length. We notified them of their error in dimension and they claimed to have fixed it and sent a new sample, from photos it looked accurate so we told them to send the sample, and start production to save time. The sample arrived and was still significantly off. We are now waiting on a third pre production sample to arrive and we have requested to hold off further production until the new quilt has been 100% confirmed. Once confirmed, we have been assured that all resources will be directed to our quilts, and production will only take one week to complete.

Here is a "Silver Lining!" - We have enhanced the underquilts by added a silver lining. The IR reflective film was applied to the ripstop nylon to help reduce heat loss, it also looks stunning. Check it out! 

The schedule is starting to get really tight but we still have reason to believe that product will start shipping to backers before the end of the month. 






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