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Update 14 - First Deliveries! / Gear hammock instructions

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

We are excited to say that the first few tents have left the shop! The air shipped tents finally arrived and we have been busily opening each tent, making sure everything looks good, adding the final components and then repackaging the tent ready for final delivery to you. The air shipment is equivalent to about 10% of the orders. As we ship out these first tents we are tweaking and streamlining our packaging process and courier integration in anticipation of the larger volume of tents to arrive. The container is allegedly in Canada, unfortunately this is a large country and they are in a Vancouver port waiting to board a train to Ontario.

We were able to hand deliver our first tent to customer #1. We want to give a special shout out to Trevor, who jumped the gun on our friends and family to be our first backer, you are now a permanent member of the OPEONGO family. Thank you and thank you to all you crazy campers for pre-ordering our tent and helping us start this business.

The Underquilt saga continues and we don’t have any real positive updates other than they are “almost” done. If we were not so pot committed regarding time and money with this manufacturer we would have pulled the plug. The saving grace is that the workmanship is looking very good and we are confident that these quilts will be beautiful, when they finally arrive.

As the first few tents go out a few people have had some questions about attaching the gear hammock. We realized we never really explained this clearly anywhere so here is a quick video and setup instructions.
If you need an address update please let us know and we can get that changed on our end. 

Happy New Years!

Andrew & Jacob

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