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Update 13 - Voyaging Onward!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Dear Backers and Supporters,

Tents are voyaging by sea and air. We ended up splitting the freight, and did a mix of air freight and sea shipping as the cost to air ship the entire order was over 10x our original budget! The airborne AERIALs were scheduled to arrive at our facility yesterday! They frustratingly are not here yet. As for the floating tents we are at the mercy of the knowingly congested ports, with a 4-8week delivery window :(

In other not so great news, the underquilt sample that we mentioned was on the way in our last update was still F*%$& TOO BIG, (If I wasn’t stuck in my country due to COVID, I would have jumped on a plane, two samples ago, to physically fix this myself). After a few heated video chats we were able to quickly have another sample made, which has arrived and is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Production has started. We are still squabbling on a completion date as they blame COVID for slower production times. I will continue to keep the pressure on them to hold up their end of our last agreed time frames. 

Many of you will no doubt be disappointed to hear that the bulk of your tents will not be arriving before Christmas, especially our southern and hardcore winter camping backers. We want to sincerely thank you for journeying with us through our ups and downs. 

In the meanwhile here is an instructional setup video that will give you a better understanding of how to set up the AERIAL A1 when it does finally arrive.


Sincerely, Andrew & Jacob

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