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Update 2 - Production

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Hey Campers!

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of summer.

Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered the next round of the AERIAL A1, welcome to the OPEONGO family :) We are hard at work building your tents and getting everything organized for a smooth delivery!

So far things are going as well as expected. We did have one delay with the nylon floor ripstop materials which we had anticipated may happen prior to opening pre orders, so this was already factored into the timeline.  So we are still on track for September!

The majority of the needle work is done in Vietnam and is scheduled to be completed at the end of July. We will then have a 4-6 week expected shipping time which will bring tents to our facility in the middle of September. It took us less than two weeks to ship out all orders the last round and we assume we will be equally as efficient on this round. We have other components coming from Europe, Korea and the US that we are juggling but they appear to be on track. 

We appreciate your enthusiasm and patience as we get things built. Keep following along with us here and on instagram!



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