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Posted by Andrew Gardner on

September has come and gone and we feel horrible that we have not been able to achieve our commitments to you at this point. 

Over the past 2 months sadly little has changed, with the main body of the tents half built and stuck in a shutdown factory in Ho Chi Minh City, VN. We received little information during the shutdown, but kept a keen eye on the media situation and followed the mandatory quarantine extensions. Restrictions started lightening early last week and on Wednesday we were finally contacted by the factory informing us that they were able to resume production. 

We are looking forward to having the factory operate as normal shortly. Our factory will do their best to resume full production soon as possible. However, the epidemic situation in Ho Chi Minh City is still very severe. There is still a probability of infection in the factory, and it may happen that we must stop the production line for a period due to the quarantine of key personnel. We would appreciate your understanding during the unstable situation.”

After several attempts to solidify a new timeline they were not able to confirm anything at this time, suggesting that it may be closer to December before the completion of the order. Now that the communication channels are open we will do our best to expedite things as much as possible and try to rush at least enough to accommodate the early pre-orders.

We are very sorry and thankful for everyone who is continuing to support us during this unexpected slowdown and we will do our best to more frequently update everyone now that production is happening. 

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, 

Andrew & Jacob

As the original timeline has now been seriously altered we do understand if anyone would prefer a refund at this time. If so please reach out to Jacob and we can process this right away. Otherwise feel free to shoot us a message anytime and we will fill you in on the current situation.

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