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Some Good News.

Posted by jacob campbell on


​​We very happy to finally to bring you all some good news! The tents are finished, on the way, and expected to reach us late this month!

We apologize for the severe delays that came from the lockdowns, we are happy to inform you all that the tents have been finished and left our manufacturing facility in Vietnam on January 6th and has been shipped over water to Vancouver, Canada. From Vancouver, they will be shipped to Toronto via train, where the tents will have to clear customs. We will make every effort to send out your tent rapidly once they arrive in our facility. The last time around the total shipping time to our facility only took about 6 weeks. This year we have reason to believe that this may take longer, but we are expecting the tents to arrive within February. 

Once the tents arrive in our facility, they will be hand-checked and shipped by our team from Ontario, Canada to you. We do not expect this part of the process to take a long time, as we were able to ship our last shipment of 1000 tents within a few weeks. 

We appreciate your patience so much and whilst we have been working in the background to ensure that your tents are delivered, we recognize that this update was important and overdue. Going forward updates will be much more frequent. 

The lockdown that our factory experienced had far more of an effect than we anticipated. Once the lockdown was over our factory had a massive backlog of orders.  As well as this the worker resumption. Manufacturing started again on October 1st and then concluded on December 30th. This compared to last year's three weeks of total manufacturing time for the same amount of tents, showed how much of an effect the lockdown took on the factory’s capacity for production.

Everyone will be receiving their shipping tracking numbers when we print out the shipping labels so this will be your notification that your tent is on its way! Shipping directly to you does not take long and we expect to see everyone receive their tents without further delay. 

We can't thank everyone enough for their enduring patience and support. From the start of Opeongo, this would never have been possible without you all! We are so excited to see you all out there using your AERIAL A1s!

Happy Trails,


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